Voter's Resource Center

Welcome to our 2012 Voter's Resource Center! With virtually all New York federal and state legislators facing elections and new district lines in place, much is at stake for credit unions this election season.

Did you know that 44% of registered voters are credit union members? Therefore, it is critical that credit union professionals, volunteers and members head to the polls in September and November. To assist you in preparing for the elections, we've compiled the following resources. We encourage you to review and share these resources in the critical weeks ahead.

Remember: If credit union members don't vote, credit unions won't count!

2012 Election Schedule:
September 13: New York State & Local Primary Elections
November 6: General Election

Voter Information:
New York State Board of Elections
Absentee Ballot Request
CUNA Elections Action Center
VoteNY (New voting machine information)
Project Vote Smart
VoteEasy (Presidential Election)

Redistricting Information:
NEW! Redistricting Comparison for NY CUs and Branches 

General Election Candidates:
New York State Senate
New York State Assembly
United States Senate  - NY
United States Congress  - NY

NEW! Association Endorses 5 Congressional Candidates

2011-2012 Credit Union Bill Sponsors:
Federal Legislation
State Legislation

Political Action Committee Information:
Supporting pro-credit union candidates
Endorsed Candidate Media

Media Links:
NY State:
Times Union Blog
Capital Tonight NY (YNN)
Daily News Blog