About Us

The Credit Union Association of New York is the official state trade association.

Our mission:
Advancing the credit union movement by advocating, educating and unifying the interests of all credit unions in New York State.

Founded in 1917, the Credit Union Association of New York provides credit unions with a full range of services including education and training, advocacy, community outreach, human resources and compliance. Under the leadership of President and CEO William J. Mellin, the Association is now the fifth largest association in the country.

The charitable arm of the Association, the New York Credit Union Foundation, serves credit unions, schools and community organizations through financial education programs, grants and special projects.

The Association has also expanded its offering of products and services through affiliates Covera, UsNet and CUC Mortgage. Covera provides electronic transaction processing options to credit unions through flexible credit, debit and ATM programs. UsNet is a participant in CO-OP Shared Branching.  They are part of a national network of credit unions committed to expanding services to their members through CU Service Centers. CUC Mortgage serves the mortgage lending needs of credit unions and their members by offering customizable mortgage programs and services.

The Association is owned by its members and governed by a board of 11 directors.