Complimentary Webcast: An Introduction to CU Direct Corporation's Member Direct Solutions

Start: 11:00 am
End: 12:00 pm
Event Days: 04/30/2013 - 04/30/2013

CU Direct Corporation is pleased to present an informative webcast that will provide valuable insight to their dynamic range of member direct solutions and tools that will help your credit union grow its auto lending program success.

Discover how CU Direct Corporation's member direct solutions can help your credit union capture more member loans and take your auto lending to the next level!

From the industry's only CU-branded vehicle research program, AutoSMART, to Pre-Approval solutions and their new state-of-the-art Dealer Portal, learn how your credit union can stay connected with your members throughout the ENTIRE vehicle buying process.

  • AutoSMART: CU Direct Corporation's industry-leading auto research website solution will help engage credit union members early in the vehicle buying process
  • Smart Approval: Improve your ability to capture your member's auto loan by pre-approving your members and providing a pre-approval customized certificate prior to visiting the dealership.
  • Mobile Solutions: Tap into the growing Smart Phone apps-driven marketplace! Offer your members mobile applications that complement the AutoSMART and Smart Approval programs and further streamline their auto buying process.
  • Pre-Approval Solutions: Discover how to simplify the member buying process at the point of sale by providing dealerships with pre-approval campaigns through the CU Direct Corporation System.
  • Dealer Portal - Member Convenience: CU Direct Corporation's new member-focused portal will help further engage dealers with both credit unions and their members.

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