Awareness Campaign

The Association's credit union awareness campaign was created to elevate consumer awareness about what credit unions mean to the people they serve. The campaign includes a website (, which provides extensive information about credit unions (including a search feature to locate a nearby credit union), financial and educational tools and information on current topics.

Credit Union Resources
Credit unionsĀ are encouraged to utilize the website, as well as complementary marketing materials and media elements.

Materials available for credit union use include:

  • television commercials;
  • three customizable 1-minute radio spots (2 English, 1 Spanish);
  • in-branch posters and flyers;
  • staff buttons;
  • web banners and buttons;
  • newspaper ads;
  • imprinted blue markers; and
  • "Marker Man" - a blue marker costume ideally suited for community events.

The awareness campaign is visually represented by a blue marker emblazoned with the website address. The marker reinforces the idea that, as owners in a financial cooperative, credit union members are empowered to "make their mark" in a unique way.