About the Consumer Website


This website is part of the overall campaign effort to educate current members and consumers about credit unions. This site replaces the NYcreditunions.com site.

This site is a consumer-based website that provides information on a range of topics about credit unions. The site is branded with the same people found throughout all campaign pieces utilizing people from various ethnic backgrounds ranging in age from 25-54. When visiting the site, consumers will find:

  • TV and radio spots;
  • general information about credit unions;
  • how to find a local or national credit union;
  • credit union myths;
  • financial education articles;
  • financial calculators;
  • how to become a credit union volunteer;
  • general press about credit unions; and more!

Visit www.CreditUnionsFORYOU.com today and see for yourself why you should direct your members to this educational site.