Community Development

Credit unions do make a difference.

It is the very reason for their being.


Ever since they sprang up in America a century ago, credit unions have served places and people no one else would. Far from just offering products, they empowered people from all walks of life…with the knowledge and tools to make their finances work and their families thrive.

In the process, communities thrived too.

So often, credit unions stood at the core of those communities—and provided for them accordingly. It is why credit unions and their employees are always ready to help restore the town landmark, or get involved with schools, or walk for breast cancer.

It’s not what they do. It’s who they are.

Indeed—uniquely among financial institutions—the very charter and heritage of credit unions call them to this. Every day, they answer the call in thousands of ways and hundreds of places across New York.

Through our community development efforts, we reinforce and emphasize this uniqueness.