PSAs and Educational Videos

The New York Credit Union Foundation is working with credit unions across the state to increase consumer awareness about identity theft.

The campaign educates New Yorkers about how to be safe and protect themselves from becoming victims of fraudulent activity.

A series of five, 15-second public service announcements and a series of five, 15-minute educational videos available in English and Spanish, feature Assembly Minority Leader James N. Tedisco (R-District 110) and Assemblyman Peter Rivera (D-District 76), respectively.  The educational videos are for credit unions to use looped on their lobby televisions or in ID Theft Training sessions.

  • How Personal Information is Obtained (PSA 1, Educational Video 1)
  • Impact on Victims (PSA 2, Educational Video 2)
  • How to Minimize Risk (PSA 3, Educational Video 3)
  • Credit Reports (PSA 4, Educational Video 4)
  • When You're a Victim (PSA 5, Educational Video 5)

The educational videos are available in two formats on each DVD in either English or Spanish language:

1. A series of five, 2-3 minute educational videos with separate opening and closing.

2. One full 15-minute video that include an introduction from either Assemblyman Tedisco or Assemblyman Rivera, all five, 2-3 minute educational video segments and closing remarks by Mindy Bockstein, Chairperson and Executive Director of the NYS Consumer Protection Board. This is Also available in a "looped" format for continuous showing.

Click on the links below to view announcements.

PSA 1 - English
PSA 1 - Spanish
PSA 2 - English
PSA 2 - Spanish
PSA 3 - English
PSA 3 - Spanish
PSA 4 - English
PSA 4 - Spanish
PSA 5 - English
PSA 5 - Spanish

English Language Intro - Assemblymen Tedisco
Spanish Language Intro - Assemblyman Rivera
Educational Video 1 - English
Educational Video 1 - Spanish
Educational Video 2 - English
Educational Video 2 - Spanish
Educational Video 3 - English
Educational Video 3 - Spanish
Educational Video 4 - English
Educational Video 4 - Spanish
Educational Video 5 - English
Educational Video 5 - Spanish
Closing Remarks - Mindy Bockstein (English)
Closing Remarks - Mindy Bockstein (Spanish)

For more information about the Identity Theft Awareness Campaign, contact Diane LaVigna-Wixted at (800) 342-9835, ext. 8186 or