Young Professionals Commission

The Young Professionals Commission is appointed annually and charged with the development of strategies and practices to assist the Association and member credit unions in recruiting young adults as employees and volunteers, as well as to develop and promote young adults into positions of leadership within the New York credit union community.

Sustained by a grant through the New York Credit Union Foundation, the Young Professionals Commission is comprised of New York State credit union employees and volunteers from across the state, all under the age of 35. Officially meeting for the first time in 2010, the Association partnered with the Cooperative Trust, originally Filene's Crash initiative, to help develop the Commission.

Through their initial work with the Trust and through their own planning, the Commission continues to look for ways to help themselves, as well as their peers grow within the credit union movement. Initiatives include:

Meet-ups: Local gatherings of young credit union employees, regardless of whether or not they are on the Commission. The goal of a meet-up is to not only provide a networking opportunity, but also an informational opportunity to let employees that might not necessarily have access to some of the news, events and programs that will help them grow and develop as a credit union professional. Meet-ups are held either before or after work and are currently provided at no cost for participants. Meet-up information is included in The Point and on the Association's event calendar.

Newsletter: To provide updates on their work, the Commission created a newsletter, which is published on a quarterly basis. The newsletter provides a brief overview of what the group is doing, opportunities available and industry FYIs.

Network: Building on the interest and feedback received at meet-ups, Chapter events and conferences, the Commission is working to build a state-wide network to stay in touch with their peers. The network is for New York's credit union professionals, ages 35 years and younger. Its goal is to provide relevant networking, education and outreach opportunities to young professionals who are looking to develop their careers and become more involved in the credit union movement. To join, please fill out this form.

Mentorship: Through their work with Cooperative Trust, the Association has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of their mentorship project. Initially just for Commission members, the program is opened to all New Yorkers, as well as credit union professionals all over the world. For more information, please visit here.

For more information about the Commission, Cooperative Trust or how to get involved, please contact Allison Barna at or (800) 342-9835, ext. 8134 of visit the Commission on Facebook or on the web (