Based on a recent Filene Institute Special report titled "Why Many Small Credit Unions Are Thriving," the number one factor contributing to a credit union’s success is that "they are highly effective lenders." Are you a "highly effective lender?"

Below are resources available for increasing your member loan options.

CUC Mortgage - CUC Mortgage provides credit unions and their members with mortgage-lending programs.

Covera Solutions - Covera Solutions provides electronic transaction processing options to credit unions through flexible credit, debit and ATM programs.
The Filene Research Institute - The Filene Institute examines vital issues affecting the future of credit unions.

CUNA Mutual Group - CUNA Mutual Group is a resource for lending white papers available at no cost to LOANLINER Lending Documents Customers. Topics include: The Baby Boomer Generation, Risk Based Pricing, The Relationship Advantage and many more.

Strategic Partners - By partnering with a select group of industry providers, we tap into the cooperative spirit—and benefits—that make our movement so strong. Each of the following strategic partners combines quality offerings with a deep knowledge of the credit union industry, enabling you to serve your members and achieve your mission.

CU Resources Click to see our participating vendors with working knowledge, technical expertise and operational understanding of credit unions to assist you in your endeavor.