Board Financial Literacy Training Webinars

As part of NCUA's recently passed corporate rule, federal credit union directors will be required to demonstrate a minimum level of competency in financial literacy. To assist directors in increasing their financial literacy your Association offers on-demand financial education webinars. They are listed in recommended order of completion based on level of knowledge. 

These Webinars are cost free as a benefit of membership.

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Credit Union Finance 101
Benefit of Membership

Understanding your credit union's financial condition is a key responsibility of volunteers. During this session you'll gain new understanding of the balance sheet and income statement, explore important key ratios, and learn to analyze key financial trends.

Run Time: 63 minutes ▪ Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Understanding Board Reports
Upon starting this webinar, please double click the green screen to display image.
Benefit of Membership

This webinar will help you adequately perform your functions as a credit union volunteer as well as minimize the risk of lawsuit, you must regularly attend and actively participate in board meetings. Upon completion of this webinar you will be able to identify major types of financial reports that should be included in the monthly packet, as well as their purposes.  You will also understand the need for, and major components of, other types of board and committee reports.

Run Time: 60 minutes ▪ Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Asset Liability Management 101
Benefit of Membership

Asset-liability management involves recognizing and mitigating financial risk. During this session, you'll better understand ALM basics, learn to identify risk, and review the key duties and responsibilities of the ALM Committee (ALCO).

Run Time: 58 minutes ▪ Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Directors can also complete six self-study CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) courses on their own schedules. For more information, visit CUNA's website at

In talking to many NY credit union leaders, it is clear that there is confusion regarding what exactly NCUA is looking for. Additionally, many credit unions are receiving offers from outside organizations that go beyond the scope of what NCUA is requiring. Simply put, the NCUA is looking for directors to demonstrate a minimum level of competency in financial literacy.  They are not requiring directors to attain specific certifications or designations.

New York Trade Association Partnership Employment Initiative
Benefit of Membership

The Association is currently seeking credit unions to participate in this program as employers/partners. Credit unions that are interested in learning more are encouraged to attend this complimentary webinar.