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Robbery Awareness
Does your credit union know what to do?

Credit union management, staff and volunteers should know what steps to take before, during and after a robbery has occurred.  The following is a compilation of several resources available to Credit Union Association of New York member credit unions.

Robbery Quick Kit (PDF)
The Robbery Quick Kit includes information on what credit union staff should do following a robbery.  The kit includes:

• Cards to laminate and post in the credit union explaining job
   duties for staff in the event of a robbery
• Tips for Management
• Tips for Branch Staff
• Tips for Board Members
• Tips for dealing with the media

Staff Handouts - Credit Union Robbery Response Tips (PDF)
These handouts should be given to credit union staff after a robbery has occurred.  The handouts include tips on dealing with the emotional stress following a robbery.  Handouts for an employee's spouse or family are also included.

Bandit Description Form (PDF)
This check form helps employees achieve an accurate description of the robber.

Dealing With the Media After a Robbery (PDF)


Development Grant Opportunities
Professional Development Grants (scholarships) are available for all Education & Training programs as well as CUNA’s self-study programs through the New York Credit Union Foundation (NYCUF). To apply, please fax a completed application to (518) 782-4266 or e-mail the requested information to For a copy of the application form, visit > Grants and click on the application link.

CUNA Self-Study Certificate Programs
Plant the Seeds of Success...Right in Your Credit Union
Grow the talents of your staff, managers and volunteers through Self-Study Certificate Programs available from CUNA and reap the rewards of:

  • Member satisfaction, better workplace morale, and enhanced employee retention
  • Credit union-specific courses created by CUNA, the credit union experts
  • Staff members study right in your own back yard
  • Select STAR and MERIT courses are recommended for college credit for students who pass proctored, college-level exams

Comprehensive training programs available:
Staff Training and Recognition Program (STAR)

Management Enrichment Training Program (MERIT)

CU Advance Program

Regulatory Training and Certification Program (RegTraC)

Credit Union Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP)

Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP)

Volunteer Certification Program

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