REAL Solutions®

The REAL (Relevant, Effective, Asset-Building, Loyalty-Producing) Solutions® program, established by the Filene Research Institute in 2004, provides credit unions access to tested business models and strategies to better reach and serve new (or developing) consumer markets. In 2007, REAL Solutions® became the signature program of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF).

Financial Education

Community Investment and Outreach


An annual compilation of credit unions’ outreach stories, the MORE Report & Survey serves as a powerful tool for credit union advocacy, consumer awareness and cooperation.

The MORE Survey provides tangible and statistical information on credit union efforts in key outreach areas, while the MORE Report highlights the personal impact of those efforts.

Identity Theft

Every day, an average of nearly 50 New Yorkers are affected by identity theft. Skilled thieves use items like driver’s licenses or Social Security numbers to open new accounts, write bad checks and obtain loans or cash advances.

More Education and Training

Robbery Awareness

Community Development

Credit unions do make a difference.

It is the very reason for their being.