Webinar: Fair Lending Comparative File Review

Start: 3:00 pm
End: 4:30 pm
Event Days: 03/06/2013 - 03/06/2013

Although cases of overt discrimination are few and far apart, disparate treatment can happen inadvertently.  Awareness and periodic monitoring of lending procedures can lessen the possibility of fair lending issues in your credit union. Examiners expect credit unions to conduct ongoing fair lending comparative file reviews.  Since the best offense is a strong defense, this webinar will walk you step-by-step through a comparative file review and provide worksheets and a report format to make it easier. You'll also receive a toolkit including a fair lending self-assessment questionnaire, a spreadsheet template for data capture and report boilerplate to summarize your analysis for the board.

About This Session:

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How to conduct a fair lending comparative file review
  • Types of discrimination: overt, disparate treatment, disparate impact
  • Lending practices and standards: pricing, underwriting, file documentation and exception monitoring
  • How and why to conduct a fair lending self-assessment

Who Should Participate:

Compliance officers, loan officers (commercial and consumer), lending support staff, auditors, board members and management

About the Presenter:

Ann Brode, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Ann Brode serves as a consultant to regional and community financial institutions in a wide range of areas, including strategic planning, lending, deposits, marketing, training, compliance and management. She has presented sessions for numerous state associations and has taught at the School of Banking Administration at the University of Wisconsin, as well as many other state banking schools. Brode is the author of The Bank Deposit Documentation Manual for Front-Line Personnel and is well-represented in numerous industry publications.