Webinar: Avoiding Loss at the Teller Line

Start: 3:00 pm
End: 4:30 pm
Event Days: 07/17/2013 - 07/17/2013

Every day, front line personnel help members with financial transactions. Most of the time, those transactions are uneventful. But what about instances when a teller is faced with an unusual transaction, unusual behavior or situations that require extra due diligence? Often, this doesn't even involve extraordinary situations. Yet the credit union may still take a loss, whether from a bad check, identity theft, elder financial abuse or dealing with someone who may not have authority on an account. In addition, what about simple human mistakes? 

From verifying someone's authority to transact to recognizing suspicious activity, every teller should strive to improve performance and guard against loss. How do you deal with endorsement issues, account-ownership disputes and schemes designed to defraud? How can you protect the member and the credit union? How does your position on the front line uniquely enable you to avoid loss? What if a member is trying to "pull a fast one" on you? Join us for this webinar, and learn how to spot certain signs and activities that indicate fraud attempts.

About This Session:     

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Who can negotiate a check, including checks payable to multiple parties or to someone in a fiduciary capacity
  • Common tricks of an impostor/identity thief
  • How to identify potential loss situations from common scams
  • How Red Flags for Identity Theft and BSA/Anti-Money Laundering training benefits you daily
  • How to ask more questions about a suspicious transaction without alienating a member
  • TAKE-AWAY TOOLKIT with a  common scams checklist, a scam awareness lobby poster, fraudulent check warning signs, online resource links, an electronic training log and a staff quiz/answer key

Who Should Participate:

Tellers, member service representatives, new accounts staff and supervisors

About the Presenter:

Mary-Lou Heighes, CUCE, Compliance Plus, Inc.

Compliance Plus, Inc. President/Founder Mary-Lou Heighes has been involved in the credit union movement since 1989, including five years working in credit unions and seven years with the California Credit Union League, where she provided compliance assistance and advised credit unions of regulatory changes. Since founding Compliance Plus, Inc. in 2000, Heighes has helped credit unions nationwide develop compliance programs and has delivered training and webinars throughout the country. She has also authored articles for Credit Union Magazine.