Webinar: Lending Series: Advanced Underwriting Skills for Consumer Loans

Start: 3:00 pm
End: 4:30 pm
Event Days: 10/23/2012 - 10/23/2012

As we emerge from the devastating consequences of the economic recession, there will be an increased demand for credit from consumers who have postponed borrowing. Nationwide, financial institutions are preparing for the "pent-up" credit demand with new products and lender training. Are you prepared to meet your members' credit needs so they look to your credit union first? In addition to having the right consumer loan products, underwriters must re-examine and adjust underwriting skills to the "next level" to optimize the chances for successfully capturing every consumer loan at every touch point. This webinar will provide the strategies and insights you need to succeed.

About This Session:

This webinar will address:

  • Refining credit factors and efficiently making decisions on consumer loans
  • "Reading between the lines" to better decide on loan requests
  • Appropriately approving additional loan products for applicants
  • How the recession has affected consumers' financial condition and credit behavior
  • 5 key underwriting criteria that should be considered in every consumer loan request
  • When to use "deep-dive" (full investigation) underwriting techniques