Webinar: HR Danger Zones: What You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble

Start: 3:00 pm
End: 4:30 pm
Event Days: 10/02/2012 - 10/02/2012

Human resources (HR) is all about risk management, and this webinar focuses on minimizing risks and avoiding trouble caused by four key danger zones:

    1. Not knowing HR laws or not following them
    2. Not knowing state HR laws or not following them
    3. Not training supervisors
    4. Not doing what you say you do or being inconsistent in administering HR programs and protocols

About This Session:

This webinar will address the following topics:

  • HR laws - the basics of employment law, including the dos and don'ts
  • State HR laws, and where to find additional information to ensure compliance
  • Training programs you should provide to supervisors so they don't get your credit union in trouble, including sample agendas/training materials
  • Critical issues within each HR function where inconsistent application or administration can bring in outside auditors or agencies when an employee becomes disgruntled
  • How to minimize the danger zones and risks within your credit union